Backyard Dunk Tank

Posted: May 07, 2012
Hi Striker Backyard Dunk Tank
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A backyard dunk tank will translate to hours upon hours of slightly mean-spirited amusement on a hot day. Not to mention a few more dollars in sales for Apple when half of the eager beavers scrambling for the platform forget to clear their pockets of iPhones first. The Hi Striker dunk tank is pure, old-school carnie fun for the summer--a surefire lure for birthday parties and BBQs, and a terrific way to keep kids entertained. Or teach them to swim. The tank's panoramic view window on the front extends the successful dunker's fun and self-satisfaction, as well as caps off the festival of friendly humiliation for the dunkee now submerged in 350 gallons of garden hose water whose cleanliness is questionable at best. The Backyard Dunk Tank installation includes:

  • Wide, safe steps
  • A strong aluminum cage
  • A removable target
  • An automatic trigger that sets the first time, every time
  • A trailer mount
  • A two-piece tarp

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