The Tree Tent

By: on December 27, 2012
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I wish it didn't look like the wasp nest I fell on as a result of being clumsy when I was kid, but other than that the Tree Tent seems pretty cool. An environmentally-friendly suspended abode that can comfortably accommodate up to two adults, the spherical tent emerges from years of Luminair Creative Engineering research in sustainable shelter systems, fabric structures, and Tarzan-style living. The end result, lightweight, efficient, and made from recycled/recyclable materials, is now available for consumer purchase and professional installation. A small community of hanging globes also populate two Tree Tent campsites--and anticipated rugged hotels--in Powys, Wales and East Sussex, England.

The Breakdown. At the 9.8'-diameter Tree Tent's curved core is a series of steam-bent green ash laths. By eliminating straight lines from its design, the TT team feels the tent better blends into and balances with its surroundings. This wood frame also evenly distributes tent loading, and absorbs the impact of occupant movement. Covering the ash laths is an aluminum sub-frame. Though Luminair admits this material isn't typically considered eco-friendly, they chose it for its lightness, resistance to corrosion, and 100% recyclability.

Tree Tent frames are swathed in densely woven, 100% cotton canvases, water repellent and proofed for mold and mildew. For winter camping, 100% wool thermal liners, as well as a wood-burning stove, are available as add-ons. Standard sphere frames, canvas covers, and rigging start at nearly $13,000. That doesn't include shipping and basic installation fees which, if handled by the seller, start at around $500 per day. In addition to thermal liners and a stove, buyers can fit their redefined global housing with any of the following, all for associated fees as outlined here:

  • Bed roll
  • Table
  • Seat/bed combo
  • Underfloor storage hatch
  • Mess unit, including a sink, single gas burner, water pump & tap kit
  • Side desk
  • Solar electric kit
  • LED lighting kit
  • Fresh & waste water storage kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Tree Tent wool blankets

Like the idea of chilling in a hamster ball, but not so much the part that requires mounting, dismounting, and dangling from a tree branch to do it? For the slightly less outstanding price of $10,500, Tree Tents are also available as stand-alone, ground-mounted structures. For a more modest $3,000, so is the Cocoon 1.

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The Camping Doughnut

Ooh, a tent that looks like one of those obstacle course tubes I used to crawl through in gym class and the fat kids used to get stuck in crawling through in gym class. The Camping Doughnut, an easily collapsible and...

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CasusGrill - Biodegradable Instant BBQ

$8 from The Fowndry »

Biodegradable and 100% natural, the CasusGrill leaves no trace when you dispose of it. Which is more than I can say for the oysters my friend Cornelius grilled at his anti-Taco-Tuesday BBQ last night. I disposed of at...

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Firebiner Carabiner & Firestarter

$14.95 from Amazon »

Half-carabiner...half-firestarter. But stronger than both. Ahhh, the Firebiner hybrid is a multi-tool straight out of Underworld....

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The Camperbox - Backseat Bed in a Bag

$157 - $175 from The Camperbox »

It's like The Camperbox read my mind. I was just talking about sleeping in a van down by the river. But it was in reference to Raptor's Platform XL fishing boat, what I consider to be the water-faring version of a van...

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Family Bug Out Bag

$969 from OuttaGEAR »

If my family were to bug out, probably the first thing we'd do is tear apart this bag of supplies in search of the Xanax and Scotch it does not contain to help calm ourselves down. Luckily, in the event that one of us...

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TAXA TigerMoth Trailer

Pack away your winter blues in the TAXA TigerMoth adventure trailer's roof rack system, tongue-mounted toolbox, front cargo step, and roof cargo deck. Still cold, snowed-in, and melancholy? The camper has even more room...

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Heimplanet Inflatable NIAS Tent

$1,199.95 - $1,249.95 from Amazon »

Geodesic tent masters Heimplanet* have released their 4- to 6-person tunneled NIAS so you can pack in the whole familia without sacrificing privacy, or go camping with a big lot of crap and keep it all covered and close...

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Igloo Trailmate All-Terrain Cooler

$199.99 from Amazon »

When you're done tearing through trails and drinking up the adrenaline rush, and are ready to chill out at the beach and drink up a cold beer, trade in the ATV for the ATC: Igloo's Trailmate all-terrain cooler. The 70-quart...

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Lotus Belle Luxury Canvas Tents

$1,800 - $2,800 from Lotus Belle »

I recently learned a new word from my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and although I swore I would never use it, it's all I can think of when I look at these canvas tents from Lotus Belle. The word is "glamping."...

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Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

$675 from Tentsile »

Here's a tip about stingrays: if you fear getting slapped or impaled by one while walking across the ocean floor, shuffle along the sand instead of taking normal steps. Rays like to lay low, and your disturbance of the...

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Happier Camper HC1

$15,950 from Happier Camper »

While the HC1's $15K base price doesn't make me a Happier Camper, if my mama, or my sugar mama, were to purchase one on my behalf I would very happily camp around our country's best national parks and nude beaches all...

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Hand Machined Fire Piston

$89 from Amazon »

A Hand Machined Fire Piston is the best Christmas gift for the best part of after Christmas: the Christmas Tree Bonfire. My friend Mikey Z holds one every year, inviting all he knows to bring their dead, dried-up firs...