Cocoon 1 - Bubble Abode

Posted: November 10, 2012
Cocoon 1 - Bubble Abode

The Cocoon 1 is for that sort of selfish kind of privacy people seek. The kind that means no one can bother or make any demands of them, but they can still watch and hear and pass judgment on what's going on with everyone else. It's Big Brother in a Bubble.

Less cynically, Swiss designer Micasa Lab's Cocoon 1 is the ultimate retreat--plus a savvy marriage of aesthetics and function. Insular and private, on the one hand it protects its inhabitants from external distractions and pressures. But on the other, its 360 degrees of translucence maintain a complete connection to life outside the bubble of one's productive, pensive, or (more likely for me) salubrious thoughts. A host of colorful modules fit inside the sphere, shifting it from a lounging to a sleeping to--with the addition of countertops, a battery-operated stove, and a sink basin--a basic cooking space. Batteries also power optional Wi-Fi and tech components of a media module. At about 71"in diameter, the Cocoon 1 aims to be a room within a room. Big enough to create personal space for the cocoonee, but small enough to fit inside standard four-walled domiciles.

The Cocoon 1 comes with a set of attachments for variable placement on the floor, at elevated angles, attached to the ceiling, or, fitted inside its sturdy nylon net, hanging from the oak tree out back. Three basic modules are included with all orders: the Foundation 360 and two Pillow 90s. Customization options are nearly limitless from there. Storage modules are available in 3 different sizes. A Kitchen module has enough power for 40 hours of light, or 20 hours of light and 30 minutes of cooking. And a Water module connects to the Foundation 360's pipe for liquid outflow.

Micasa Lab anticipates releasing the Cocoon 1 to the public in the Fall of 2013, with an estimated retail price of $2,990.

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