Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Posted: August 06, 2017
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
$174.99 - $200.85
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Outdoorsy dads, Napier stitched their Backroadz Truck Tent out of premium 800mm polyester taffeta. So once camping season is over you can gift it to your teenage daughter to wear to her winter formal. A win-win for Pops!

Pitch the Backroadz Tent in the back of an open-bed pickup or connect it to your SUV to create some space between sleeping you, muddy ground, and crawling critters of the night. A truck tent also comes in handy when tonight's campground is your condo's underground parking garage because She-Ra: Princess of Power didn't like the My Shiney Hiney Brush Set you gave her for her birthday this year.

Napier's Backroadz truck and SUV tents come in 5 sizes, ranging from 5'5" of interior headspace to a 9' x 9' model with over 7' of headroom. They all include a sewn-in floor so you don't have to wash your truck bed prior to use, a full rain fly, and a storm flap in the door.

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