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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight and his gravely voice are back to protect the rats of Gotham against new friends and foes alike. Anne Hathaway takes over the reigns from Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman and a crap your pants scary Bane...

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The Hobbit Trailer

Due for release Christmas 2012 is still in existence, The Hobbit has released it's first theatrical trailer over a year in advance. I'd say there is some hefty anticipation for this movie, the 4th in the LOTR series and...

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Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater

$5 from Louis CK »

Louis C.K. has posted his comedy special Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater online fo you to download for the cost of $5. Or , you could be a thief and download it from some torrent site for free. This is actually...

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Robots Do It Better

In what is surely a foreshadowing of our imminent demise at the hands of robots, this video details the record-breaking exploits of "The Cubestormer". Part Droid powered cellphone, part LEGO NXT, don't blink, or you might...

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World's Largest Sushi Roll

This remind me of those hamburgers that yo have to eat with a fork. I'm gonna go ahead and say this is the world's largest sushi roll. Weighing in at over 6 kg (I think that's like 400 lbs.) and 20 cm in girth, this will...

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Epic Frog Escape

This 2 minute video clip is the equal of any movie I've seen this year. Suspense, intrigue, a classic soundtrack. I won't ruin the ending for you... but the good guy wins. This is the gutsiest damn frog I've ever known...

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Dog Balancing Treats

My dog must be retarded. I couldn't even get him to lay on his back for 5 seconds without him attempting to lick his balls. This dog is like putty in his owner's hands. He's completely given his body over to him. On top...

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The McGurk Effect

Sensory overload phenomenon demonstrated by a creepy bearded man and a sweet voiced English woman. I can't imagine watching this while high. I feel like it would turn into a scene from Tommy Boy....