The Uncomfortable - Inconvenient Everyday Objects

Posted: October 24, 2017
The Uncomfortable - Inconvenient Everyday Objects

Oh the fun you could have using some of Katerina Kamprani's Uncomfortable designs to mess with the new guy at work. Give him that disc-headed key to the office. Ask him to water the plants. Invite him to the break room for a Siamese cup of coffee. The Uncomfortable is a series of "deliberately inconvenient" everyday objects the Athens-based architect has created to show...how mean she is.

Most of The Uncomfortable pieces are just prototypes, and some haven't even made it past the 3D visualization stage. And I for one hope they stay that way. No offense, Ms. Kamprani, but you've achieved your desired effect, and I have enough ill-fitting shirts, fluorescent lights in my face, and accidental farts in long elevator rides with just one other person to make me uncomfortable. I don't need the sight of a fork with a chain link handle adding to my general state of malaise.

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