Warthog Tusk Keychain

By: on June 18, 2014
  • Warthog Tusk Keychain
  • Warthog Tusk Keychain
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I've heard stories about people both being attacked by and staging attacks against warthogs (college Psych 101 professor, Uncle Joe from Pensacola). Now you can reap the benefits of the latter without suffering the former. This here is a real (formerly) live warthog tusk keychain.

Now before the animal activists try to get all of our panties in a bunch, know that Best Made diligently points out how plentiful warthogs are in the Eastern Free State of South Africa, which is where the keychains' tusks hail from. In fact, some even consider the wild pigs dangerous and damaging pests. To put things in perspective, Wikipedia estimates there are 250,000 warthogs living in southern Africa. This number is significantly higher than the number of dateable girls living in the US. So if we're going to trumpet a cause, it should probably be one promoting the breeding of more dateable girls in the US than the preservation of warthogs in Africa.

Warthog tusk keychains have each been polished to a milky shine and finished with a brass cap and split ring. Best Made notes the beasts' tusks also make excellent knife handles.