The Doorganizer

Posted: April 07, 2013
The Doorganizer
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First of all, I am in no mood for cutesy plays on words this morning so Doorganizer, minus one point. Second, the main thing about organization tools that help you not forget stuff is that you have to remember to use them. Like those Sunday through Saturday containers that divvy up your meds or those alarm clock things that remind you to wake up and go make money in the morning. Yeah. Great don't-forgets if you remember to check or set them, pretty much useless if you don't. But maybe the Doorganizer's intended purpose as a key/cellphone/glasses/letters to mail holder, combined with its intended location around a doorknob whose use is unavoidable as you exit your home and are in need of the aforementioned items, will help solve that problem. Doorganizer, plus one-half point. Your name still bugs me.

Doorganizers contain 3 open pockets and a single clip on the front and an open loop strip on the back to hold envelopes and newspapers. They come in 4 colors, 2 of which are girly and 2 of which might be acceptable for a man to have hanging around his doorknob.

If losing your belongings is more of an issue than forgetting them, tag them with these Bluetooth location stickers.

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