The Apothecarry Case

Posted: February 19, 2018
The Apothecarry Case
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The Apothecarry Case is for healers who want their herbs and tinctures to stay fresh, safe, and organized. And by "healers" I mean "stoners." This intricate and cigar-aficionado-fancy storage case for herbs and herbal accessories is a beaut. And it should be, since each Apothecarry Case is handmade, crafted and stained one by one. The result is individual distinctness on the outside, but consistent high-level functionality, organization, and security beyond the lid.

Apothecarry Case design focuses on keeping products fresh and tidy, plus locked up so others can't get their paws on your stash. (That's both figurative human paws, and literal pet paws.)

For freshness, the Apothecarry uses a Boveda humidity system, which prevents mold growth, and maintains an RH "sticky" enough to uphold quality, but dry enough to preserve a "nice bun."

Organizational layout within the 13" x 10" x 6.5" box consists of dual chambers with carved out slots and elastic straps for all included paraphernalia, and a removable tray from breaking and rolling. There's also a pocket for holding pipes, vapes, or pens and a side nook for tools and papers. And a little extra flash with a gold diamond interior on the top and bottom in the Apothecarry brown case.

Apothecarry implements include: 4 x strain tobacco system glass jars; 8 x humidity control packets; 4 x dab containers; an airtight, middle split, odor-proof travel container; and a zinc alloy grinder with catcher.

You can keep your Apothecarry goods secure with its exterior metal combination lock.

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