Old Leather Balls Coat Rack

Posted: April 02, 2015
Old Leather Balls Coat Rack

Ma'am, you're doing a mighty fine job of cupping those old leather...uh...antique boxing glove-inspired coat rack components. Sportify your front entry, home gym, or mancave with this nod to the Ali days of boxing. The set of 4 balls are covered in genuine leather and attached to rope for mounting. Hang coats, clothes, towels, or bags from the bulbous rack, and get a feel-good rush of adrenaline as arouse prompt thoughts of punching your enemies, such as parking cops and the entirety of the IRS, in the face.

Antique leather coat rack balls measure either 5" or 3.75" in diameter. Whoa, those are some big cajones.

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