LEGO Recycling Bins

Posted: May 24, 2012
LEGO Recycling Bins

LEGO-themed firearm construction, per the LEGO Heavy Weapons builders' guide, may not be for children, but you know what is for children? LEGO-themed chores. Such as taking out the trash. And, in today's eco-conscious world, separating the trash into recyclables, compostables, aluminum can refundables, and crap headed for a landfill that someone will convert to a ski slope as soon as it gets big enough. LECO, a patent-pending waste bin concept from Italian design house Flussocreativo, rewards responsible households with a nifty, colorful way to sift through and divvy up the garbage.

Four polymer containers make a LECO family: blue for aluminum, green for glass, white for paper, and yellow for plastic. They stack and snap together just like their toy brick counterparts, and photo evidence suggests they also support the weight of 13-year-old girls who might like to sit on them while contemplating becoming a party planner or marine biologist when they grow up.

Color-coded and front-loading for ease of use, and securely stacked to save space, LECOs almost make caring about the environment fun. And since it's probably easier to find people who like LEGOs than it is to find people who like living green, LECO bins' visual appeal may also garner some inadvertent support for the movement to avert man's destruction of the earth.

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