Smartduvet Breeze Heat & Cool Self-Making Bed

By: on June 22, 2017
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The Smartduvet self-making bed - no, really. The bed makes itself. Just watch. And that's old news. Smartduvet is now launching a next generation of their smart bedding, the Breeze, that adds dual-zone climate control to its capabilities. So in addition to tidying in the morning and tucking you in at night, the Smartduvet Breeze can also heat or cool your side of the bed to your preferred temperature, and your partner's to his or hers. (Sorry, no third zone for the kid wedged between you yet.)

The Smartduvet system works with your existing bedding, and fits any bed size. When you secure the Smartduvet layer, a grid of air chambers, between your duvet and duvet cover, you can use the kit's control box to inflate the channels and make your bed. The new climate control feature builds off of the air / inflation concept, sending either heated air from the control box during inflation, or using room temperature air and evaporation cooling effects. The latter involves circulating air through the designated Smartduvet zone so that when you start to sweat the air enhances your body's own evaporative cooling abilities.

Control both temperature and Make yo'self! orders through the Smartduvet Breeze app. You can also preheat or cool your bed in advance, as well as pre-set self-making times.

In addition to saving us lazy cats the hassle of making our beds, and the discomfort of sleeping poorly because we're too hot or too cold - and generally just looking neat in action - the Smartduvet Breeze can help:

  • Save money on heating and cooling bills, since you'll be able to heat / cool just your sleep zone at night, rather than the whole room or house.
  • End nightly couples' fights over the proper room temperature, fan direction, and quantity and placement of bed covers.
  • Assist people with arthritis or other health conditions who both experience discomfort during temperature and humidity swings, and have trouble making their own beds.

Smartduvet Breeze is currently on pre-order here, with an anticipated backer ship date of September 2017.

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