My Paint Saint Touchup Kit

Posted: February 26, 2017
My Paint Saint Touchup Kit
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Yes, as you can see, My Paint Saint stores your cans of touchup paint together with their brushes for quick grabbing and instant touching upping. But the even better part of that visual: storing your cans of touchup paint together with their brushes means no more cleaning paintbrushes.

A synthetic bristle brush with stainless steel ferrule and plastic handle skewers each My Paint Saint lid. When you press the lid back onto the can after use, a silicone gasket and metal closing ring team up to create a hermetic seal that keeps paint from leaking out and oxygen from seeping in. So your paint won't separate or dry out between uses, and your brush can just chill all moist and ready for next time inside with it. You won't need to scrub its bristles and dry them out, or keep buying cheap brushes you can just throw away. My Paint Saint says "you can touch up for years using the same paint and paint brush."

My Paint Saint containers hold 13 ounces of paint. Inside they have 2 shelves for removing excess paint from brush bristles during use, and the bottom of the jar is designed to hold the closing ring while you're painting. MPS sells their units singly, and in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 10-, or bulk 50-packs for multi-area and commercial use.

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