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HomeBiogas 2.0 - Convert Food Waste to Energy

$520 - $790 from HomeBiogas »

In a way, we all produce HomeBiogas right inside our amazing bodies. And I don't mean that just as a Beavis & Butthead joke (though, check out the biogas I'm making from these chili cheese jalapeno nachos, Beavis. Hehheh...

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Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcases

$22.99 - $44.99 from Amazon »

Cue the Alaska Bear-y White because these silk pillowcases have romance written all over their 600 thread count. Bonus: The 100% mulberry silk covers are just as hypoallergenic and breathable for sleepy time as they are...

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Porsche Design Shisha 2.1

$2,695 from Amazon »

Take a luxury toke with Porsche Design's Shisha 2.1. Kind of ironic that a company known for creating some of the fastest cars on the planet would also make a hookah, and foray into the world of that which makes everything...

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NodPod Weighted Sleep Therapy Mask

$24.99 from Amazon »

The NodPod, a weighted sleep therapy mask, touts benefits similar to the Magic Weighted Blanket, but over the smaller, confined areas of your head and neck. (And with a blackout effect that won't also suffocate you like...

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Scentee Machina AI Aroma Diffuser

$107 - $495 from Scentee Machina »

Scentee Machina has figured out a brand new way to overengineer reed diffusers and incense burners. Step aside, Plug-ins. This aromatherapy kit is about to see your two-pronged heat and raise it advanced tech, apps, and...

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Back Pain Relieving Wedge Pillow

$29.98 - $41.07 from Amazon »

Stomach sleepers, this Wedge Pillow could be your remedy to the back pain your preferred snoozing position started poking you with once you hit the ripe old age of 25. And the back pain that, at 40, has made it nearly...

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Kinkoo 6-Port High Speed USB Charging Station

$39.99 from Amazon »

Oooh, a sextet of high-speed USB chargers on top of one another? Sounds Kinkoo. Each of the USBs in the Kinkoo 40W 6-port charging station outputs a speedy 2.4 amps, and an overall total of 8 amps. Ports can also intelligently...

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Airmega Smart Air Purifier

$552.49 - $749.99 from Amazon »

"Alexa! Purify my air!" The Airmega is a smart air purifier, app-enabled and compatible with the Amazon Echo. In your home or office, the 4-legged cabinet filters out 99.97% of particulate matter from the air you'd presumably...

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NYC Taxi Drivers 2018 Calendar

It's been a long 4 years since I last saw a New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar, but 2018's edition has broken the dry spell. In a move that pairs the pin-up aesthetic with satire, plus humans' inability to look away...

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Thermo Temporal Artery Thermometer

$96.76 from Amazon »

Wow, thermometers have come a loooong way from the up-the-butt of my childhood. The Thermo from Nokia takes your kid's, or your own, temperature without the need to stick it anywhere unpleasant. Or anywhere at all. This...

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Whalecum Mat

$30 from Whalecum »

Whalecum, my friends. We have nothing but whalecum for you in this house. Spermy the Whale gives a gushing "Hello!" to all guests who cross the threshold in this delightful Whalecum Mat...

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Brewed2Burn Candles

$22.95 - $24.95 from Amazon »

Ladies love candles and men love beer, so a Brewed2Burn creation that combines candles with the essence of popular and seasonal beers should be the perfect gift for manly women and girly men!...

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Star Wars Sex Toys (NSFW)

$30 - $169 from Geeky Sex Toys »

Geeky Sex Toys' Star Toys promise to transport you to a galaxy far, far away and show you a great big Ohhhh-bi-Wan Kenobi...

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Nature's D*ck Pics 2018 Wall Calendar

$19.99 from Amazon »

Leave it to nature to penetrate our...hearts. The Nature's Dick Pics 2018 Wall Calendar takes us on a 12-month tour of some of the most striking rock formations Mother Nature ever created. When she was horny...

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Handmade Star Wars Pipes

$21.95 from Amazon »

These handmade Star Wars pipes probably aren't officially licensed by Lucasfilm, but I sure bet they've got Yoda's stamp of approval. And check it out: you have a choice not only of a Yoda pipe actively partaking in some...

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KFC Internet Escape Pod

$10k from KFC Ltd. »

KFC says their Internet Escape Pod, featuring a fried chicken drumstick door handle and Stretch Armstrong Colonel Sanders passed out drunk and slung over the top, is meant to help you hide from the barrage of Cyber Monday...

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MonPere Travel Pillow

$71 from MonPere »

MonPere says its new travel pillow, which looks like the arms of a Sesame Street character on a mission to give hugs / snap necks, is "weird for a reason." Apparently, the company's years of testing and prototyping the...

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Pack This! Notepad

$7 from Amazon »

Pack This! Forgetful Jones. Just don't forget where you put Knock Knock's handy traveler's prep list once you fill it in...

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Slumber Cloud Cooling Bedding

$49.99 - $210 from Slumber Cloud »

Somewhere between hot and cold there's a comfy, soft, temperate Slumber Cloud. Based on heat-absorbing / heat-releasing technology originally engineered for NASA astronauts, Slumber Cloud bedding includes a complete line...

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Hoont Electronic Rat Trap

$49.95 from Amazon »

Got rats? Rats! The Hoont Electronic Rat Trap knows how you feel. It's had a lot of rats too. And mice and shrews. Squirrels and chipmunks as well. But unlike you, Hoont welcomes these rodents into its home. Because once...

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Aire Self-Flying Robotic Home Assistant

$699 - $749 from Aevena Robotics »

Aire's approach, a robotic home assistant that flies autonomously, is verrrry interesting. Especially considering my first order of business when I catch something flying autonomously around my condo is to swat or Bug-A-Salt...

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Prescription Bottle TimerCap

$23.95 from Amazon »

TimerCaps call themselves "one simple change, that changes everything." And indeed the replacement caps for prescription bottles are clever, and a potential fairy godmother, on a couple of levels...

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Fresh Wave Odor Removing Crystal Gel

$7.95 from Amazon »

My mama gave me a jar of this Fresh Wave Odor Removing Crystal Gel, I guess because she thinks my house stinks. Hey, it's not me, it's the cat. And maybe She-Ra: Princess of Power. I smell like sugar and pumpkin spice...

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Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Hand Pipe

$49.99 from Amazon »

I don't like the Icky Stick just because I get a kick out of its branding schtick. I mean, that's the biggest reason, but so too am I interested in this hand pipe's claim that it has been "specially designed to provide...