Zelda Triforce Lamp

Posted: March 09, 2013
Zelda Triforce Lamp
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True, it is dangerous to go alone, but it is also dangerous to go in the dark. Take a Triforce lamp with you to light the way and remind all you encounter that wisdom, courage, and power are still the keys to Hyrule domination, and that The Legend of Zelda is just as cool today as it was 20?...30?...no, it can't be 40, can it?...years ago.

Minecraft torches and Zelda fireplace art either flicker out or emit only cartoon graphic light, but the Triforce lamp will burn bright for as long as the girls in "One Night in Bangkok" are gonna love you. Also, it will project its etched crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule and a handful of Rupees onto the wall like a big Zelda-themed game of shadow puppets. Lamps are crafted from acrylic and made to order. They measure 9" on every side and function on a standard "C" bulb, aka a candelabra light bulb, neither of which I've ever heard of.

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