Telephone Lamps

Posted: January 03, 2014
Telephone Lamps
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HomeMadeKarma homemakes these upcycled telephone lamps, so hopefully buying one will bring me some good karma. Note: I would consider anything from a suitcase filled with unmarked bills to my incredibly hot new neighbor's German shepherd not getting the red lipstick every time he sees me good karma. Suitable as table lamps or night lights, each illuminating telephone spent its past life as a sound-emanating telephone. Repurposed models were produced by Ericsson and the Dutch national telephone company sometime between the 1950s and 1970s.

Telephone cords have been converted to flex necks for focusing light where it's needed, and also positioning the lamps in various states of whacked out suspended animation. Bulbs are 3-watt LEDs (equivalent to 25-watt incandescent), and HomeMadeKarma will fit each lamp with the cord and plug appropriate to the buyer's country.

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