Sterling Silver Dragon Lamp

Posted: June 18, 2012
Sterling Silver Dragon Lamp

As a child, this is what I always imagined Puff the Magic Dragon looked like. Then I got older and found out not only is the song not based on real events, but Peter, Paul and Mary didn't even write it to delight and entertain children! They wrote it to highlight a subtext of smoking the marijuana! To say I was crushed would be an understatement.

But my mom reminded me that the nonexistence of Puff also meant that little Jackie Paper wouldn't have grown up and abandoned him, which was helpful because although I had stopped crying at the outgrowing the ageless dragon part of the song around age 9, I still felt melancholy for several minutes after it ended for another 9 years, when I discovered the news of its complete fabrication. So I guess all in all the cold reality of its fictitious, drug-masking nature was less cold than the reality of poor old Puff getting the shaft from that selfish punk Jackie.

Handmade from solid sterling 925 silver by Crawford Contemporary Silver and Gold, this puffing dragon's body serves as the reservoir for lamp fuel, and his head unscrews when it's time for refills and wick replacement. The photographed piece is a custom order, and though no specific price is included in the listing, we'd imagine its first digit is followed by three zeroes.

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