Spiral LED Table Lamp

Posted: August 05, 2018
SkyeyArc Spiral LED Table Lamp
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Ah, a fine desk lamp for all the avant garde Slytherins heading back to Hogwart's this fall. This ssssspiraling LED light snakes up 14" from the desk or table surface you place it on, giving off a contemporary serpentine aesthetic along with up to 550 lumens of warm, cool, or natural white light.

Spiral lamps are powered by a low-energy 13W LED fixture, and come in your choice of dimmable (100 to 550 lumens) or the static on / off at 550 lumens. You'll have have options on both light and lamp frame colors.

While the spiral LED table lamp does not appear to be a basilisk descendent, those purchasing one might consider placing a Sword of Gryffindor letter opener alongside it just in case.

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