SmartCharge Power Outage Light Bulbs

Posted: November 12, 2014
SmartCharge Power Outage Light Bulbs
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Electricity is one of those things we don't typically give much thought to until we don't have it. Or until we get struck by lightning. And while SmartCharge LED light bulbs will not un-fry your brain from the latter, the energy efficient screw-ins will charge up while the power is on so that you'll continue to have light most anywhere you normally would during an outage.

SmartCharge LEDs replace any 40-watt bulbs the politicians/feminists/football players/blondes/Floridians have installed in your light fixtures. They function just like a normal bulbs when the electricity is flowing freely, but when the power goes out they...continue to function just like normal bulbs. For around 4 hours. SmartCharges obviously contain a built-in rechargeable battery that fills during normal use. When an outage hits users can take advantage of this feature by activating the On/Off switch on the bulb itself.

The energy efficient LEDs represent an annual energy cost of 80 cents. They output a minimum of 350 lumens of brightness and come in 2 different base types and 3 color choices.

SmartCharge power outage light bulbs are a top Dude House Warming Gift pick.

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