Shoefiti Hanging Lamp

Posted: July 02, 2014
Shoefiti Hanging Lamp
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Sneakers laced together and tossed over power lines. Also known as Shoefiti, it's an image we all know well with a meaning we...aren't quite as sure about. I thought the sneaker toss was what young boys did when they lost their virginity, but according to Wikipedia that's not even one of the options in the urban mythology archive. They say actual possibilities include:

  1. Bullying, wherein the bully steals the bullied's Air Jordans and chucks them somewhere impossible for the wearer to retrieve that is also in plain view of the people who will chide him for their loss.
  2. Indication of a gang-related murder, loss of a gang member, or demarcation of a gang's turf.
  3. Designation of a nearby crack house.

Huh. Kind of a downer, all 3 of them. I think I'll continue to look upon dangling tennis shoe as a sign of some lucky SOB getting laid. It'll make the Shoe Toss hanging lamp seem a lot more charming than seeing it as a This way to crack sign.

Ricochet Studio's grand addition to the world of interior lighting includes both the dangling, illuminated shoes, and their wall-mounted power lines extending overhead. The shoes are cast in porcelain and are fitted with 12V halogen bulbs. Bulbs receive power from...yes, that is correct...the power lines, in this case electrical cables. Shoes are modifiable in terms of position along the cables, and can also be added and removed.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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