Saber Lamp

Posted: February 15, 2013
Saber Lamp

Table Lamp 3. That's a nice secret code phrase for lightsaber, Andrew Haarsager. No one would ever suspect your true intentions of arming people with phosphorescent vectors of power primed to splice through space and unprotected body parts in the ultimate battle of dark side versus light.

Fifteen people, to be exact, because that's how many Haarsager created in his series of blazing spectral rays.

Part minimalist aesthetic, part punk aesthetic, and part I kind of feel like watching Return of the Jedi and Blade Runner back-to-back aesthetic, the saberesque table lamps won't just illuminate rooms, but sappy sci-fi souls as well. Though they aren't conditioned for sparring like real custom made lightsabers, given the strict limitation on their edition, owning one will make you as rare as a Mark Hamill big screen appearance playing anyone but a parody of himself.

The table lamps comprise cold cathode bulbs extending from brass bases, and measure 4" x 4" x 12".

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