Owlberto the Wise Lamp

Posted: September 19, 2012
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Owlberto the Wise. Lamp. Robot. Vintage Kodak Stereo camera head that makes him look kind of like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Owlberto's eyes light up via a pair of LED bulbs, while his torso slays additional darkness with a 7.5 watt, built-in incandescent bulb. The orange glass plate spanning the owl's abdominal wall is a days of yore darkroom light that continues the photography motif, and is removable for light bulb swap outs. Owlberto also comes with a plexiglass base...and a very hefty $900 price tag. I can't afford that. I wonder if I could just trap a real owl and train it to stand in my living room holding a flashlight in its mouth instead.

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