Mood Lights - Image Projecting Bulbs

By: on January 02, 2013
$25 - $45
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Felicia of MoodLights created her trippy projection bulbs almost two decades ago in a sweeping display of necessity serving as mother of invention. After her parents denied a plea to paint a mural on her bedroom walls, she started experimenting with light bulbs. And nail polish. Now I'm no chemist, or really very smart about anything at all, but right about here I sensed a formaldehyde-scented punchline coming.

The first time Felicia nail-polished a 100-watt bulb it--oh yeah--burst into flames immediately upon lighting. But, demonstrating Rudy-like perseverance, she kept at it. A year-and-a-half, and many further experiments, later she found a medium and a coating that, together 1) beamed her creations in glorious macrocosm across the walls and 2) did it without burning her parents' house down.

Now her Mood Lights come in a panoply of patterns and scenes primed to glow either on vertical structural surfaces, or within any style of white lamp shade. Spirals, spectrums, and smiley faces will bring joy to kiddies and stoners alike, plus make vibey additions to parties and sexy time. Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas also have accompanying high-wattage designs projecting snowmen, holly, bats, ghosts, and pumpkins. I kind of dig the solar-powered LED garden stakes that blaze spectral colors across lawns and entry paths. Uh, I mean, I would dig them if I were a girl. But since I'm an Alpha Male, I would definitely pick the Skull & Crossbones installation.

Mood Light paint is guaranteed never to melt, burn, fade, peel, crack, bubble, chastise, smoke, smell, belittle, or call you a slacker. It will not offgas or emit toxic fumes of any kind. So you can't blame Mood Light paint like you do the dog post-fart. Felicia also warrants her light bulbs for the first year of use, promising that if they burn out, she'll give you a free one. Their average life span is 3 to 5 years with 8 hours of daily use.

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Acid Trip Pillow

$28.87 from Amazon »

The actual name of this product is Moonlight Pillow. Really? Has the moon been eating Skittles? Did it swallow a gay pride parade? Because the moon I look at has certainly never gleamed the entire Roy G Biv rainbow. Except...

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NanoLeaf - World's Most Efficient Light Bulb

$35 - $100 from Amazon »

As bright as Einstein, as efficient as the French. NanoLeaf is the world's first light bulb to reach--and hold--1600 lumens of output using only 12 watts of electricity. That's the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb....

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Beam Light Socket Smart Projector

$299.99 from Amazon »

That video of me and my girlfriend making sweet, hot...honey chipotle chicken for dinner? Beam it down, Scotty. We'll watch it later projected onto the back wall of the bedroom. And then maybe later on the living room...

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CoeLux Artificial Skylights

By: Coelux »

If it looks like a skylight and emanates like sunlight and makes you feel like you're on a snow white beach in the Mediterranean when you close your eyes, but you know in your heart it's all an illusion of technological...

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Aquafaucet Color-Changing Waterfall Tap

$65 from Amazon »

Glistening chrome fountain. Dramatic curved channels. Stunning waterfall cycling through the most brilliant hues of the rainbow. And a mysterious floating orb. Which fantasy novel or video game did this Aquafaucet fixture...

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EnChroma Color Blindness Glasses

$339.95 - $439.95 from EnChroma »

As as dude named Ethan demonstrates in the above video, seeing colors for the first time ever is an experience a lot like seeing them for the first time ever while on hallucinogenic drugs. Stirring. Awe-inspiring. Life-changing....

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Tactical Self Defense Flashlight

$14.50 from Amazon »

This flashlight has a super bright Cree XM-L T6 bulb so you can see...where you're jabbing its 4 diamond attack heads. They say the pointy pokers are ideal for breaking a window during a home or car emergency, but I'm...

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The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book

$12.18 from Amazon »

Adult coloring books have experienced a recent surge in sales as meditative and therapeutic outlets. But how the H-A-Double-Hockey-Sticks-O-W-E-E-N does The Beauty of Horror think I'm supposed to calm down and relieve...

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FLYTE Levitating Light

$349 from FLYTE »

The levitating FLYTE light is Edison meets...Houdini?...Superman?...Jesus? This Swedish creation consists of an energy-efficient LED bulb that both floats over its magnetic base and rotates slowly in the air for some...

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Le Labo Santal 26 Fragrance Diffuser

$590 from Le Labo »

Le Labo says, "Sure, Thomas Edison gave us light, but he didn't include a nebulizer to transform our Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist to spread both light and perfume into your home." Which is crazy because I...

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Iridescent Pocket Knife Set

Sold Out from Amazon »

Normally I'd vote quality over quantity, but seeing as here I can get four probably kinda crappy iridescent rainbow pocket knives for the price of, like, half of one really good black or gray one, I'm gonna go ahead and...

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Color Changing Duct Tape

$4.99 - $8.97 from Amazon »

Chameleon Skinz duct tape throws it back to my Hypercolor days. Like the T-shirts of yore, their line of color changing adhesives is heat-sensitive, with each tape's primary hue taking a spectral glide into another when...