LIFX - Smartphone-Controlled Light Bulb

Posted: December 16, 2012
LIFX - Smartphone-Controlled Light Bulb
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LIFX (pronounced Life-ex) is an energy-efficient, multi-color LED bulb controlled by its user's smartphone. Its basic activation and function proceeds as follows:

  1. Install LIFX bulbs in as many light receptacles as you desire to control.
  2. Take a load off. Settle in on the couch.
  3. Load the LIFX app and get thy fingers to work touchscreening on one bulb at a time, all the bulbs populating the living room, or each of the 17 installed throughout your home.
  4. Use the LIFX app's virtual dimmer wheel to select your desired lighting intensity.
  5. Take a trip through LIFX's rainbow gradient tool to set a chillin'-on-the-couch-appropriate mood, turning the bulbs nearly any color in the visible spectrum.
  6. Throw on some Sinatra or LMFAO and watch your custom hued bulbs dance and gyrate to the beat, just like you'd be doing were this couch not so flippin' comfortable, and your power to create and manipulate light from it not so gratifying.
  7. Take a pause from the LIFX dance party USA entertainment when the bulbs flitter to notify you of a new email or Facebook activity.
  8. Fall asleep satisfied, dimming a LIFX bulb or two down to nightlight levels.
  9. Lose your phone in the abyss of your couch cracks, wake up to pee, and use your boring old light switches just like you use to to flip LIFX bulbs on and off until you can recover their master controller.
  10. Marvel at the wonders of the 21st century, and ponder the possibility that future generations of LIFX bulbs may be able to cast beams of light that make you look like Bradley Cooper.

LIFX technology functions with iOS and Android platforms, and lives inside 3 different bulb types: Bayonet (B22), Edison (E27), and Downlight (GU10). The bulbs' LED status means they use only 10% of the energy that standard bulbs use, and are rated for 40,000 hours, or 25 years of use. No control boxes or feats of domestic electrical engineering are required for LIFX use. If you can, ahem, screw in a light bulb, you are fully equipped to incorporate LIFX into your life.

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