LampStore Upcycled Vintage Lamps

Posted: January 11, 2017
LampStore Upcycled Vintage Lamps
$25 - $135
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From yesteryear to Nashville to your living room. LampStore upcycles vintage objects (and icons, OG Star Wards lunchbox) into nostalgic pieces of tabletop lighting and home decor. The indie artists behind LampStore operate out of Nash, Tenny* and, to make their Mom & Pop shop story even more legit, keep the business all in the family.

LampStore originals run deep, with dozens of different designs available on Amazon. They range from novelty lamps, such as the SW and '87 baseball card tin you see above, to shades with less kitschy bases in the reclaimed porcelain and antique figurine categories.

All lamps have new "lamp parts" and wiring installed, and most take up to a 60W light bulb.

*Muchas danke to Blake Shelton for introducing me to my new favorite abbreviation. Goin' to NashTenny, baby!

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