Han Solo in Carbonite Switch Plate

Posted: June 04, 2013
Han Solo in Carbonite Light Switch
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Uh, this one's for the ladies? When the toggle on the Han Solo in Carbonite switch plate is turned on, there will be no doubt Han Solo in Carbonite is turned on. I'm not sure how men--even the most devoted of Star Wars fans--will feel about arousing yesteryear Harrison Ford each time they enter the bedroom or illuminate the front entry vestibule, but to all women who support the Rebel Alliance, don't you agree that Han deserves some stimulation in his frozen state? It may be the only thing that keeps him sane. Particularly if the hand tasked with switch manipulation is attached to this girl.

Created by Wicked Studio, the Han Solo in Carbonite switch plate was hand-sculpted to "an appropriate scale for the switch." I think also to an appropriate scale for Harrison Ford's dong. Come on, the guy played Han, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan. You really think he's packing anything smaller than a blaster?

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