Doomsday Pendant Lamp

Posted: January 16, 2016
  • Doomsday Pendant Lamp
  • Doomsday Pendant Lamp
  • Doomsday Pendant Lamp
  • Doomsday Pendant Lamp
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Is it a spaceship spilling out superlaser light that will vaporize us all, or is it our planet itself, heating up at its core, splitting at the seams, and beginning its explosion outward into great ball of flame and fury? Designer--yes, for IKEA--David Wahl leaves it to you to decide.

He took inspiration for this pendant lamp from sci-fi flicks and video games, seeking to create a literal and figurative piece of illumination that had manual dimming capabilities. When the lamp is closed, its light seeps through the outlines of what I can only assume are "Z" Tetriminoes. The effect, a cracking ball of fire, signals the dawn of doomsday. Take things to full-blown blow-up mode by pulling the lamp's string. Watch as the shade pulls apart and unleashes all of the light from its deadly filament center, as well as projects the jagged, apocalyptic patterns this new position creates onto your ceiling and walls.

Muchas danke to reader Cody, who noted that, "As borderline shit as Ikea is at times...[I thought this lamp] looked badass, and was at least worthy enough to be gazed at over the digital." I agree, and appreciate his Dude Product Tip.

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