Cone Doggie Lamp

Posted: August 04, 2012
Cone Doggie Lamp
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I thought Lumpi the Dog Cat Scratching Post was funny in a cruel and humiliating sort of way. But this, Bronco the Cone Doggie Lamp, this is funny in a hilarity in its rawest, purest, most innocent form kind of way. I'm sorry, but dogs in cones give me the chuckles. Some because they are fully aware that they're wearing the cone, that the cone looks ridiculous, and that strangers are mocking them, and so stare through the clown collar with an expression of intense disdain and pissed offedness. These are your Rottys, French Buldogs, Chows, and most breeds of terrier. And other because they are entirely oblivious to the cone's presence, and continue to behave in ways suitable only for dogs not wearing cones. Which leads to equally bemusing shenanigans, including running into things, getting stuck in things, and futilely trying to pick things up. Typically your labs, retrievers, and dogs in cones due to self-inflicted injury, such as gnawing off the skin of their back paws.

Which brings me to my next point: if you think I'm mean for laughing at an injured furry friend, do keep in mind that probably 80% of dogs suited up in these purveyors of 1,000 laughs wouldn't have to be if they could contain themselves from obsessively chewing or scratching themselves bloody.

Which brings me to my next point: this is about a lamp. Designer Castor Bours' Bronco, a superbly whimsical piece of floor or desktop lighting, stems from a train of thought far more profound than, "I'm gonna make a nifty referential lamp that makes people smile." Instead, Bours says his idea started with the Truth that humans can no longer survive without electricity. We are so dependent on it as a source of energy that the need holds us on a metaphorical leash. The Bronco Lamp lives in a similar predicament--it can only give light if its "leash", in this case the electrical cable, is in the hands of its master, the power outlet. Yeah....

I think I still just like the way it looks. Especially the shot of Bronco on the floor, positioned so that he's staring at the wall. Chillin' in his neck cone, starin' at the wall...so goes the life of a dog.

Bruno the Cone Doggie Lamp has a white lacquered stainless steel frame and leather collar attached to a 7.9' leash/power cable. The cone/lamp shade is made of high-quality cotton Chintz. Dimensions are 21.7" high x 13.8" wide (lamp shade diameter) x 25.6" long.

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