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Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011

Beer Can Track Lighting

Beer Can Track Lighting
  • Beer Can Track Lighting
  • Beer Can Track Lighting
  • Beer Can Track Lighting

The Japanese have done it again. Like the LEAF, these Sapporo cans run on 100% electricity, and help their owners rid the world of gas-guzzling beer vessels in style.

Add a slick accent to your bar, game room, or manga display, but beware of bathroom installation, as the light could lose its appeal once you've stared at it lying wasted on the cold linoleum, wondering if it's possible to puke up your stomach lining. Each fixture is made to order with a HALO-compatible track head, and includes a dimmable halogen flood light bulb.

Finger still hesitating over the "Buy" button? Then think of how this purchase could unfold. You spend $87 on the Sapporo can track light. You spend the rest of your Benjamin on a 30-pack of Natty Light. You unpack one can, crack open another, and there it is: an entire evening--maybe even an entire weekend--of product assembly and electrical circuitry fun.

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