Automatic Emergency & Power Outage Light

Posted: January 13, 2020
Automatic Emergency & Power Outage Light
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A handheld lantern or flood light will certainly provide illumination during a power outage or other dark emergency, but Ideal Security's SK638 is designed as a more complete home backup light. The SK638 is flat on the back, and comes with a UL-approved adapter so you can wall mount and plug it in to automatically turn on when power is lost. At full LED brightness, the rechargeable will burn for up to 8 hours, and at half power for up to 16.

You can also use the emergency light as you would a typical lantern, setting it up on a table or countertop, or folding out its handle carrying it with you in the dark - indoors or out. When plugged in, the SK638 will always turn on automatically during a power loss. Unplugged, you can turn it on and off manually like a standard flashlight.

The SK638 also has an optional night light feature. One of its LEDs can provide soft lighting when the device's photocell sensor detects a room has gone dark.

Another great option for power outages, and one that's easier to incorporate into your home's existing lighting setup, are these Smartcharge Light Bulbs.

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