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Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Action Figure Lamps

Childhood Toy Lamp with Human Torch, Spiderman, He-Man
  • Childhood Toy Lamp with Human Torch, Spiderman, He-Man
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in Red
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in Red Closeup
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in Black
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in Black Closeup
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in White
  • Childhood Toy Lamp in White Closeup

Instead of outgrowing your superhero, fairytale, and cartoon character childhood toys, let them mature with you. Preserve their magnificence, and thwart being labeled a creepy action figure nerd, with Evil Robot Designs' Bespoke Lamps--tabletop lighting with incredibly cool bases of your favorite figurines, banded together and trapped for eternity in hot molded plastic composites with a high gloss lacquer finish.

There are 4 pieces in the model toy lamp collection, though if you truly want one, you may prefer to commission Evil Robot Designs to forge you a custom, more personal piece of yesteryear sentiment with your own, or otherwise specified, toys and action figures. Each piece is created and colored to buyer requests, and price is available upon inquiry here.

The pictured models include:

  • Super Red, a mash of television and film characters, such as Marvel Comics' The Human Torch, Spiderman, Dr. Who, and He-Man. Measurements: 27.8" tall; 8.7" wide
  • Matrix Black, pimped out with Todd McFarlane's The Matrix figurines, and then WTF randomized with Shrek and the Eddie Murphy Donkey. Measurements: 22.4" tall; 7.9" wide.
  • White Witch, centerpieced by DC Comics' The Scarecrow, and further spectacled with Watto, the junkyard owner from Star Wars, and Pixar's Mr. Incredible. Measurements: 27.2" tall; 9.8" wide.
  • Pixar Black, melding DreamWorks and Pixar favorites Mr. Incredible and Woody from Toy Story. Measurements: 24.4" tall; 9.8" wide.

Product Source: Evil Robot Designs
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