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Philippe the Skeleton Lamp

Phillipe the Skeleton Lamp is not the first skeleton lamp I've met (see Glass Skull Tiki Torch, Day of the Dead Skull Lamp). But he's definitely the first skeleton lamp I've met named "Phillipe." Which leads me to believe...

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Day Of The Dead Lace Skull Lamp

$87.99 from Amazon »

The lacy-looking Day Of The Dead Skull Lamp follows in the footsteps of Porcelain Skulls and lace skull & crossbones pants. Sure, the table light isn't as intriguing as the former, or as sexy (so sexy!) as the latter...

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Cookiray Anti-Odor Pendant Lamp

Looks like the Cookiray Anti-Odor Pendant Lamp went with Slimer Stew as the sample dish in its demo video. What the ghosts-from-hell else smokes neon green on the stovetop?...

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Moon & Planet Lamps

$88.15 - $143.25 from Etsy »

Sleep under the light of the moon even on stormy nights, and enjoy the orange blaze of Jupiter without making futile attempts to go to Jupiter with one of these sweet spherical lamps from Pulsar Moonlight. Each is a unique...

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LampStore Upcycled Vintage Lamps

$25 - $135 from Amazon »

From yesteryear to Nashville to your living room. LampStore upcycles vintage objects (and icons, OG Star Wards lunchbox) into nostalgic pieces of tabletop lighting and home decor. The indie artists behind LampStore operate...

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Heng Balance Magnetic Switch Lamp

Newton's Cradle meets abacus meets the first day of creation in the Heng Balance Lamps. Li Zanwen created his series of square, oval, and circular beechwood desk lamps with a pair of magnetic wooden balls on strings at...

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Luminoodle LED TV Backlight

$19.99 from Amazon »

If you've been using your noodle you've probably learned how valuable a bendy rope of lights can be. And now your flexible, adaptable, bright-burning noodle has a new form with yet another application: TV backlighting....

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Light Side / Dark Side Switch Plate Cover

$19 from Amazon »

Forget the moral conundrum, jumping between the Light Side and the Dark Side should be like flipping a switch. Luke's making pumpkin spice muffins? Click. Light's on. The Force is with me. It's pulling me out of bed and...

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Shark Hologram LED Night Light Lamp

Sold Out from Amazon »

If they'd given Joseph an Amazing Technicolor Dream Shark instead of a Dream Coat, this holographic LED lamp is probably what it would have looked like. It would've been a way better gift too--I bet Joseph's brothers...

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Dino Lamps

$40 from »

Holy extinct species, Batman! Is that a Diplodocus on your nightstand, or have you just been shopping at Toys in Babeland again? Dino Lamps ignite the night, and all the dark crevices of your living space (except those...

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LampChamp USB Lamp Socket Charger

$19.99 from Amazon »

I couldn't figure out at first what was drawing me to the LampChamp. Sure, it's a light bulb adapter that adds a USB charging port, plus an On/Off switch, to any lamp you've got. And I also got the scoop that LampChamp...

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CoeLux Artificial Skylights

By: Coelux »

If it looks like a skylight and emanates like sunlight and makes you feel like you're on a snow white beach in the Mediterranean when you close your eyes, but you know in your heart it's all an illusion of technological...

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High Neon Sign

$219.99 from »

Hey, it's a neon sign that tells you where on the wall to hang it. Or maybe it's deeper than that. Maybe this neon sign is telling you what you are....

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Pizza Slice Night Light

$6 from Amazon »

If you ever wake up at 3 a.m. with the munchies and try to exhibit some restraint, here's your solution. This Pizza Slice Night Light will happily taunt you, lure you, and even light your way to the kitchen. It's got...

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Hunter Fan Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan

$349 from Amazon »

Not that fan blades really get in the way of anything--except my hand when I'm trying to change my shirt and they're moving--but I still appreciate the subtleness of Hunter Fan's transparent and retractable design....

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FLYTE Levitating Light

$349 from FLYTE »

The levitating FLYTE light is Edison meets...Houdini?...Superman?...Jesus? This Swedish creation consists of an energy-efficient LED bulb that both floats over its magnetic base and rotates slowly in the air for some...

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Doomsday Pendant Lamp

$69.99 from IKEA »

Is it a spaceship spilling out superlaser light that will vaporize us all, or is it our planet itself, heating up at its core, splitting at the seams, and beginning its explosion outward into great ball of flame and fury?...

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Edison Light Bulbs

$5.99 - $29.89 from Amazon »

Nothing like tacking a Tesla or Edison onto your product to make a quick buck these days (you've seen the lighter and the board game, right?) Here at least we have an item that is nearly synonymous with Edison's name:...

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Lumio Book Lamp

$225 - $259.99 from Amazon »

Max Gunawan designed Lumio to represent his appreciation for minimalist design and, as an architect, his motivation to optimize the use of small spaces. I bet he's enjoyed a few illuminating books in his life too. Lumio...

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Dimmable LED String Lights

$39.99 from Amazon »

Let there be light! ... Ugh, no, that's too bright. Way too bright, Griswold. I'm still nursing a hangover from last night. Gimme the remote. Dim those down from Interrogation Room to Barry White on the Couch....

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Slap It Butt Lamp

$225 from Slap It »

I really appreciate how un-stuffy and...cheeky the Brits' sense of humor is. Sorry, humour. For example, I'd like to give whomever created this lamp a big slap on the back to show my admiration. And then a big approving...

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LED Wireless Motion Sensing Night Light

$11 from Amazon »

A lot of reviewers love--love!-- Zeroedge's stick-on motion-sensing LED light. A lot of reviewers also received theirs for free in exchange for those "unbiased" reviews and ensuing love fests. I am not one of them. I...

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Star Wars BB-8 3D Night Light

$25.57 from Amazon »

You already knew BB-8 could help co-pilot your T-70 X-wing fighter and stand against the First Order, but did you know this trusty droid can also make sure you don't step on a LEGO and twist an ankle in the middle of...

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SleepCompanion Sleep Enhancer & Monitor

$99.99 from Amazon »

Holi's SleepCompanion has combined the principles behind a sunrise alarm clock with the skills a sleep tracker in hopes of producing a Super Servant of the Snooze whose whole is wholly greater than the

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Wolverine Light

$110 from HingSan »

An "X" lighting base finished in black and silver and fitted with a full, removable, and--ohhh yeahhh--wearable set of metallic claws. The Wolverine Collectible Light from Taiwan product design group HingSan is selling...

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Nymphs Coconut Shell Projection Lamps

$219 - $499 from Nymphs Workshop »

Forget the magic mushrooms, someone get me a coupla coconut shells and a drill. That's all Vainius Kubilius needs anyway to take us on this fantastically lit journey through space and time. His Nymphs, table and floor...

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LUNALUXX Levitating-Disc-Activated Lamp

$130 from Elivatix »

What you can see very clearly is that the LUNALUXX is a lamp with a levitating disc. And if you understand the laws of physics, or have been following man's continued attempts to develop Hoverboard technology, you can...

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Skyscraper Stalaclights

Stalaclights. I wonder which came first: David Graas' intricate, 3D-printed hanging skyscraper bulb shades or his indubitably clever parody of a name for them. The skyscrapers give the appearance of growing directly from...

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Jellyfish Hanging Lights


Oh sure, glowing rainbow jellyfish lights dangling from the ceiling are all well and good until someone runs into one and it gets entangled in his left arm, inflicting pain so indescribable he must literally beg his friend...

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SmartCharge Power Outage Light Bulbs

$34.95 from SmartCharge »

Electricity is one of those things we don't typically give much thought to until we don't have it. Or until we get struck by lightning. And while SmartCharge LED light bulbs will not un-fry your brain from the latter...

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HB Pencil Lamp

$1,640 from Michael & George »

All that's missing are the teeth marks. Michael & George pay homage to hardness and blackness with their HB Lamp, a 5-1/2' floor light shaped like a pencil. In and of itself a lamp created in the image of a #2 isn't that...

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TMNT Nightlights

$43.89 - $49 from Amazon »

Cowabunga Bogeyman! These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nightlights--3D deco lights to be precise--don't look quite as grand as the Krang belt buckle, but I guess it fits the Hero's Narrative that Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo...

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Shoefiti Hanging Lamp

$1,500 from Etsy »

Sneakers laced together and tossed over power lines. Also known as Shoefiti, it's an image we all know well with a meaning we...aren't quite as sure about. I thought the sneaker toss was what young boys did when they...

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$15 from SUCK UK »

BottleLights are USB-rechargeable LED bulbs that make glass bottles glow all moody and sensual. Basically they achieve the same It's time for sexy time effect as candles without the associated fire risks. Designed by...

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Teddy Bear Lamp

$153.57 from Amazon »

Here's a gift for your kid. Or your girlfriend. And maybe for an extra $10 they'll throw in Teddy's head on a stake so there will be something in this whole bear lamp thing for you. I actually had a dream about the teddy...

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Telephone Lamps

$236.56 from Etsy »

HomeMadeKarma homemakes these upcycled telephone lamps, so hopefully buying one will bring me some good karma. Note: I would consider anything from a suitcase filled with unmarked bills to my incredibly hot new neighbor's...

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Skypanel Light Diffusers

$35.95 from Amazon »

Skypanels are intended to make places such as waiting rooms and hospitals and dentists' chairs and baby nurseries less awful than they inherently are by covering harsh fluorescent lights and diffusing their searing output...

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Motion Activated Under-Bed Lighting

Sold Out from Amazon »

These under-bed LED strips have motion sensors so that when I have to take my clockwork whizz at 3:00 a.m., I can be considerate of my snoozing imaginary girlfriend without fear of rib fracture from the corner...

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Color-Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote

$8.86 - $15.42 from Amazon »

Some acid trip mood lighting to complement your acid trip pillow? Together, they're guaranteed to satiate seekers of a psychedelic, yet drug-free lifestyle. And since HitLights' color-changing LED bulbs come with a remote...

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NanoLeaf - World's Most Efficient Light Bulb

$35 - $100 from Amazon »

As bright as Einstein, as efficient as the French. NanoLeaf is the world's first light bulb to reach--and hold--1600 lumens of output using only 12 watts of electricity. That's the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb....

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Cloud Light with Storm Effects

$1,800 from Richard Clarkson »

Richard Clarkson's profoundly-titled Cloud defies Mother Nature by hovering amidst indoor skies and venting its beastly thunder and lightning only when inclement weather jibes with your schedule. Such as when you are...

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Concrete Pendant Light


Concrete never really rivets me in sidewalk or flight of stairs form--unless I'm falling on and picking hunks of it out of my face I guess--but put it in a watch or on a lamp shade and I'm all, Duuuuude. This concrete...

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Starship Enterprise Ceiling Light

Sold Out from Amazon »

Boldly go into a dark room, and illuminate it as no man has done before. Well, no man save for the other men out there with taste and Trekkie fanaticism strong enough to persuade them to buy a Starship Enterprise ceiling...

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Levitron Lamps

$119.93 - $149.95 from Amazon »

When I was 8 or so my family got one of those tactile floor lamps for the living room. Touch it once to light it, twice to make it brighter, thrice to illuminate all, and four times to return the world to darkness. It...

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Airlight Screw-in Ceiling Fan

By: Quirky »

I was going to open my discussion of the Airlight screw-in ceiling fan/light with a lightbulb joke, but in searching for the perfect one to relay I stumbled upon something even better: an entire Website devoted to lightbulb...

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Han Solo in Carbonite Switch Plate

Sold Out from Etsy »

Uh, this one's for the ladies? When the toggle on the Han Solo in Carbonite switch plate is turned on, there will be no doubt Han Solo in Carbonite is turned on. I'm not sure how men--even the most devoted of Star Wars...

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Into the Woods Projection Light

Due to its being dramatic and showstopping and incredibly F'ing rad, Hilden & Diaz's Forms in Nature forest projection light sculpture has earned viral popularity this week. To the point that the artists are planning...

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FLIP Throwable Spectral Light

$425 from NONDesigns »

I saw lights like those emitted from the FLIP tactile luminaire last night. Many, many lights. Prismatic shards of color beaming above my head and through my jugular to the beat of mmmchuck, mmmchuck, mmmchuck. People...