Shomer-Tec Prison Pen

Posted: April 07, 2018
Shomer-Tec Prison Pen
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This Prison Pen from Shomer-Tec reminds me of the Season 2 premiere of Legion. Like, that guy with body integrity identity disorder disorder who stabbed himself him the leg with a pen should have had his pen use restricted to the bendy, non-lethal kind too. (Yeah, I know he later tried to saw it off, but I couldn't watch that part. What, I'm squeamish! What about it?!)

Anyway, prison pens are so named because they are ideal writing utensils for interview rooms, holding cells, and prison / jail environments containing people who might otherwise try to turn a simple Bic into The Great Impaler. According to Shomer-Tec, this one is made with a soft, rubbery material that will bend under even the slightest pressure, so the best anyone wielding one can hope to do with it is turn pen to frown, and then turn that frown upside down.

The prison pen has a writeable life of over 3,500 feet.

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