tim-E Alarm Clock & Charger Robot

Posted: May 19, 2013

Pending successful Kickstarter funding and production, tim-E--pronounced "Timmy" or, if you're Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "Timmehhh!"--might prove to be the most charming and useful ass-shakin' robot in the land. Designed as an alarm clock that also charges inserted iPhones and iPods, tim-E doesn't just perform the perfunctory morning wakeup call, he greets his pals at rise-and-shine time--or any time he's programmed to--with a spectacular display of the groove that's in his heart, plus one of the following:

  • Spoken or Song Alarm. Choose one-liner's from tim-E's dazzling repertoire, or a song from your mp3 collection, and set the robot to do his slumber disrupting duties on settings loud, soft, or progressive alarm.
  • Brain Teasers. Oh I bet these are irritating. tim-E doesn't pipe down until you solve a puzzle or complete a task. Check out the video demo of our robot friend making the recently woken tap a fly moving around his screen to disengage alarm mode. I see tim-E getting punched in the face a few times on this setting.
  • Weather. The tim-E app can report the day's forecasted weather each morning so you know right away how to dress and whether or not to be cranky about something.
  • Traffic. He can also broadcast traffic reports and alerts so you know right away when you need to leave the house and whether or not to be cranky about something.
  • Voice Reminders. Record your own reminders for the day and tim-E will roll through the announcements as you climb out of bed so you know right away what lies ahead...and whether or not to be cranky about something.

If tim-E's precious mug doesn't do anything for you, the system also gives the option of uploading your own photo, or one of Jessica Alba, to sing and chide and repeat the dirty things you say back to you just like tim-E does.

tim-E would be a fun gift for kids and also for adults who don't have a stick up their trunk.

Make your pledges to back the tim-E alarm clock and charger robot through June 13, 2013.

December 2013 Update: tim-E funding was unsuccessful, and at present it does not appear that its creators have proceeded with producing it for the public.

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