Survivalist Solar Phone Charger

By: on April 27, 2013
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Other solar powered chargers exist...I mean, I think they do. I use the power of my mind to charge my devices, so I don't exactly keep up. But from what I hear from the less psychically apt and electrically inclined, there are several available that harness the energy of the sun. Suntactics' sCharger-5 sets itself apart by way of reliability, portability, and humans who feel the need, the need for speed. The paneled folio takes...

  • iPhones 3, 4 & 5
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad (in strong sun; the sCharger-12 is designed to better serve tablets)
  • Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Android devices
  • Blackberries (Really? People still use those? That's almost as bad as hanging on to a flip phone.)
  • GoPro, Contour & other USB rechargeable cameras
  • USB batteries
  • Sony PSP and Nintendo DS handheld gaming devices

...from drained to jacked-with-juice in 2 hours or less--the same amount of time required to achieve a full charge from a standard electrical outlet.

A nice addition to survivalist gear stashes and beach bags alike, the sCharger-5 is fueled exclusively by mono-crystalline solar cells that, in contrast to other solar chargers, require no internal batteries to supply the actual charge. (Those that do use weaker solar cells as conduits that route energy to the batteries, which Suntactics reports will fail relatively quickly due to repetitive baking in the sun.) The sCharger-5 also has a feature called Auto-Retry Technology, which enables it to restart the charging process automatically after temporary periods of sun loss--other portable USB solar chargers need a manual reset.

sCharger-5 sun reins are water- and weather- resistant, plus come with a 1-year warranty. PS: Thumbs up to the time on the phone charging above just happening to be 4:20.

Thanks to Dan for suggesting the survivalist's solar charger via Dude Product Tips.

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