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By: on April 05, 2014
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Not so much emergency as in your smartphone's battery died in the middle of placing a midnight Dominoes order and you can't find your charger. More like emergency as in you've been snow camping on a mountain for 3 days and discover on the way back down that an avalanche has destroyed your pathway. Or you've experienced a natural disaster followed by a complete electrical outage and need to call the authorities for help. SpareOne, a mobile phone powered by a single AA battery capable of holding its charge for up to 15 years, was created exclusively for the types of emergencies you really hope you'll never have to use it for.

SpareOne comes with its AA wonder battery, plus an installed isolator tab that ensures it remains potent for over a decade if unused. In addition, once the phone is activated that single battery provides 10+ hours of talk time; swap the AA out for a new one, and you'll have 10 more. No outlets or wait time for charging required.

The phone, designed to function without a SIM card in most countries, has a single call button programmed to dial 911 or the equivalent from wherever it is located. Users also have the option to reprogram that button to dial a different, single, one-press emergency contact. While SpareOne does not have a screen, it does have the capacity to store up to 9 additional important phone numbers, recordable on an affixed menu sticker.

Further solidifying its position as a disaster necessity, the SpareOne ships in an IPX7 certified waterproof bag that is floatable and submersible up to 1 meter. The phone does not need to be removed from the bag to use, and maintains audible and clear sound both talking into and listening through it.

Additional SpareOne features include:

  • Quick-access LED light that doubles as a flashlight and can output up to 24 hours of continuous light. This light also serves as a locator in the event that emergency services have arrived at your location but you are unable to speak or project your voice loud enough to reach them. It flashes SOS in morse code when a user holds down the SOS torchlight button for 10 seconds.
  • To complement the flashing torchlight, SpareOne also has a panic siren, soundable by holding down the phone's volume button for 10 seconds.
  • Functional in extreme weather conditions, ranging from -22F to 140F.
  • Locate and alert services (additional purchase). Users can register their SpareOnes upon receipt so that based on cell tower triangulation they can determine the approximate location of their phone within 100 meters when necessary. When the center SOS button is depressed, these activated services will also send designated recipients an immediate SMS and email alert with a visual map of the SpareOne's location.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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