Retro Game Phone Cases

Posted: May 09, 2013
Retro Game Phone Cases

Retro game smartphone cases go legitimately retro--like back to the 1920s when the only people still alive who would remember pachinko boards and ball mazes as their primary form of childhood entertainment really can't remember much of anything anymore. Pure Gear's colorful, flexible cases feature the buyer's choice of 3 old(en-days)-school distractions of fortune and fine motor skills for the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III. Choose from:

  • Amazing: A blue & red smartphone case with a straight ball-in-a-maze puzzle on its back side.
  • Groovy: A green & blue case with a concentric circle ball-in-a-maze puzzle, and multiple balls which must meet in the center to claim game domination.
  • Undecided: A pink & yellow case with a pachinko-like face and pinball plunger for shooting the ball when you seek counsel (i.e., the answer to a Yes or No question). Hmmm, I see that this particular retro game comes in girl colors. Coincidence, or a testament to the fact that women are incredibly indecisive and in constant need of a second opinion?

In addition to giving you something to do on the airplane when commanded to shut down all electronic devices, and on bus trips through the mountains of Mexico that have no cell service, retro game cases will also protect your smartphone from minor bumps and impacts. Probably not, however, from chucking it across the room when the metal ball won't slide through the right opening or give you the answer you wanted to see.

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