RePhone Open-Source Modular Phone Kit

By: on September 25, 2015
$60 - $189
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RePhone is for makers. True to its parent company, Seeed Studio's ethos, the open-source modular phone kit provides a gateway for the inquisitive to "grow inspirations into differentiating products." With RePhone you'll be able to go the simple, direct route of building your own phone using slim modules, accessible software, and customizable phone enclosures. You'll also be able to forge your own path from there, using your RePhone's GSM and 3G capabilities to hack anything around you. When Buttercup orders the immediate addition of cellular communication to her pets, plants, toys, motorcycle helmet, or drone, some will tell her it's inconceivable. But farm boys with RePhones will just say, "As you wish."

RePhone is as 3 basic options: RePhone Core Module GSM + BLE; RePhone Core Module 3G; and RePhone Kit Create. The system is also compatible with Arduino and Pebble Time. If you're looking to make your own phone, RePhone Kit Create includes a Core Module (either GSM + BLE or 3G), Audio Module, and 1.54" touchscreen--all of the components needed to build a device that will place and receive calls and texts, and play music. The process requires little more than a few plug-and-play steps, and a few minutes of your time. House your phone in a Kraft paper enclosure, also customizable with crayons and Sharpies, and the Seeedy depths of your imagination.

Add further functionality to the basic RePhone with a module Extension Pack. It includes:

  • 1x Xadow Basic Sensors
  • 1x Xadow GPS v2
  • 1x Xadow NFC v2
  • 1x Xadow LED 5x7
  • 1x Xadow Duino
  • 1x Xadow GSM Breakout
  • 1x Battery 520 mAh
  • 5x FPC Cable 35 PIN
  • 5x FPC Cable 11 PIN

Read more about RePhone, and pledge for your kit through October 29, 2015 on Kickstarter.

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