Ramen Phone & Tablet Stand

By: on September 10, 2014
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Normally my concern is making it through a bowl of ramen without dropping my phone into it. Slurp, slurp, swipe, slurp, slurp, swipe, slurp, slurp, PLOP! ... Sonofa soba noodle! However, if I were to own OtakuMode's ramen bowl smartphone and tablet dock my concern would definitely shift to coming home drunk and trying to gnaw off its perfectly soft-boiled egg and delectable hunks of glistening pork. They look so real! And Boomtown Noodle closes at midnight!

Like a storefront sample, this one-dish Tokyo meal is made of vinyl chloride. But amongst the temptingly real-looking soup, chuka soba, BBQ pork slices, egg, spinach, and bamboo shoots also sits a permanent rectangular depression large enough to hold some of your favorite devices.

Unfortunately, the bowl's protruding protein and vegetables block enough of an inserted smartphone's screen that it will probably serve more as a quirky Japanese conversation piece than a functional stand.

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Auton Under-the-Bed TV Lifts

$7,595 - $13,895 from Auton »

What's that, She-Ra? No, nope, I wasn't watching TV in bed. Do you see a TV in here? Must have heard Legion blaring from another unit...hey, no! Don't...don't look under the bed!...

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Ramen Hoodie

$18.99 - $22.99 from Amazon »

Eat it or wear it, that's what my grandma used to say. It was meant to be a threat, but now that I see this delightfully loud and obnoxious Ramen Hoodie, I think I would like to retroactively choose the latter. I'll wear...

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Prison Ramen: Recipes & Stories from Behind Bars

$8.98 from Amazon »

Good thing Shia La Beouf spent 25 hours in a New York City jail for acting like an asshat at a Broadway musical a couple years ago, or else the world may never have had Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars....

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Trivae 4-in-1 Kitchen Tool

$69.07 - $80 from Amazon »

Still stuck on a gift for Mom? Hosting a holiday party? Need a decently priced butler to hold stuff for you while you're cooking, and then again when you take the pan off the heat, and then again when you set the dish...

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Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

$129.99 from Amazon »

It's not just a trailer hitch-amabob, it's an investment in relaxation. To make good use of a Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand purchase you'll also need a couple of those hammock hanging chairs (Hammakas themselves, if you're...

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PARKIS Effortless Bicycle Lift

$254 - $317 from PARKIS »

How effortless is it to PARKIS your bicycle? Here's a GIF. Looks like sliding the front wheel onto an elevator and sending 'er to the penthouse. Glide the cab back down to dismount. PARKIS says the process is so simple...

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Hose Hooker

$29.95 from Amazon »

You may not need a Hose Hooker every day, but, say, when bath time for Bonzo turns into spraying yourself in the face a few times and walking away from the sudsing just as wet and agitated as your dog is, the hands-free...

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ECHOGEAR Articulating TV Wall Mount

$49.99 from Amazon »

A few hours from now, when you're knocking back beers and sausage rolls during Super Bowl 50 at your friend Cornelius' house, and wondering why you keep feeling random shooting pains down the left side of your neck, circle...

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iBed Tablet Stand

Sold Out from Amazon »

iBed, a hands-free up-high and down-low tablet stand, notes that "When lying down for a long period of time, you not only risk dropping your tablet device, but you also suffer from pain in your arms and neck and back."...

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B.A. in The Experience: Best Buys for Campus Life

If you're headed to college you already know you need a backpack and a laptop. An alarm clock, some storage cubes, an extra-long twin bedding set. At least 9,000 quarters for laundry. So I'm not here to tell you whether...

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Cup Holder iPad Stand

By: Quirky »

Cup holders have long held deserted island necessity status, and, within the last year, iPads have pretty much broken the Top 10 as well. So it's about time one of those people who sits around trying to think up good...

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Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

Miso Soup Design, bad move releasing photos of the Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl before you have actual Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowls to sell. Now everyone wants one, everyone is pestering you to buy one, and the bowls' target...