Pinball Magic for iPhone

Posted: May 14, 2012
Pinball Magic for iPhone
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I have enormously fat fingers, and can't even use the iPhone touchpad without every "Hey" coming out "HJeryu", so probably I wouldn't fare very well with Pinball Magic. But ye of petite and lithe phalanges can enjoy an authentic arcade experience, honing slap saves, backhands, drop stops, and bounce passes on this pinball machine "appcessory" fit for all generations of iPhone and iTouch.

Pinball Magic outer components include flipper buttons, a ball launching plunger, and a credit/selection button. Inside, an oscillating LED indicator and animated backbox alight the flippers, pop bumpers, drop targets, rollover targets, buck naked ladies, spinners, ramps, kickers, gates, and diverters. OK, maybe all but one of those things.

The pinball apparatus launches via a 30-pin connector, and its mini legs fold for easy transport and storage. A great way to pass the time on long flights, especially redeyes, and especially with Winner, winner, chicken dinner! sound effects and flashing lights on at full blast.

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