PhoneSoap - Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

By: on April 23, 2012
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Phones are dirty. And that factoid is based solely on the physical devices, never mind what people use them for. Every cellphone on the block is rife with armies of bacteria and viruses, ranging from the flu, staph, E. Coli, MRSA, and, given our apparent love of yakking while in the head, fecal matter. Wesley LaPorte and Dan Barnes, friends and mutual microbial abhorrers, heard this news, and immediately decided something had to be done about our phones' status as luxury accommodations for stuff that makes you want to vomit when viewed under a microscope. Their result, PhoneSoap, harnesses the sanitizing power of UV-C light to annihilate germs, and the electrical power of electricity to juice up batteries, simultaneously cleaning and charging smartphones.

PhoneSoap is a small box equipped with the short wavelength electromagnetic radiation given off by UV-C light. The radiation safely--for both phones and their users--penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, disrupting its DNA, and subsequently killing it. Used in hospitals and other petri dish-like environments around the world, UV-C is 99.9% effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses from a phone's surface.

The PhoneSoap design allows for smartphone charging as well, so there are no additional phone "chores" to add to the to-do list. LaPorte and Barnes recommend plugging into PhoneSoap at night, when you would probably re-up your batteries anyway, and waking to a 360-degree squeaky clean surface that can be handled, nuzzled, held between your teeth while you try to find your keys, and showered with kisses because it's such a wonderful companion...nearly 100% germ-free.

The PhoneSoap Kickstarter project is accepting funding and pre-payment for sanitizing chargers through May 2, 2012. PhoneSoap has an anticipated delivery date of August 2012.

2013 Update: PhoneSoap funding was successful. Follow the link below to buy yours directly.

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