Onyx Wearable Team Communication Device

Posted: January 07, 2015

So...if I had used OnBeep's Onyx video as the source for my initial introduction to the walkie talkie-esque, but app-based group communication devices, I probably would have just thrown up on my keyboard and shown you something else today. But since I didn't see Operation Spoiled Kid's Stupid Birthday Party until I already had the copy written, plus visions of Amazon employees using the Onyx system to engage in intense product launch discussions from their respective food truck lines at lunch, lazy me is going to go ahead and keep it on here.

OnBeep brings the Onyx heads-up communication device to groups--co-workers, cyclists, festival goers, the James Bonds of surprise parties--who could benefit from easy, instant communication during their activities. The company says, "Checking your phone is a hassle when you're busy. Pockets, gloves and complicated interfaces get in the way of the most important aspect of every communication device: communicating." Onyx is a small, clip-on button that enables immediate conversing with connected parties anywhere you have a data connection. Even if your friend Cornelius is down the street. Or re-enacting scenes from Star Wars in Tunisia.

Paired with the OnBeep app on an Android or iOS device, Onyx delivers messages through the app's servers in real-time, regardless of cell carrier, anywhere users have access to cellular data or wi-fi. The app also shows position and status of all connected team members. For those requiring private communication, the Onyx wearable can also connect to headphones and mics.

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