No Network - Battle Tank Cell Signal Jammer

By: on August 01, 2013

Julian Oliver's No Network cell phone signal jamming BATTLETANKMOTHERFUCKERRR! is not in production or for sale or making appearances anywhere outside of its gallery setting. And even if it were I would not tell you where or how to buy one because apparently mucking up the mobile network of everyone within a 20- to 50-foot diameter of your network mucker upper (disguised as a BATTLETANKMOTHERFUCKERRR!) is illegal in most countries, and I am tired of getting yelled at for spreading the knowledge and purchasing details of these types of inventions by you guys and the po and my mama. So let's all just enjoy the No Network concept, engage in some healthy debate about the invasive and handicapping nature of its use, and then go fix me some steak fajitas and strawberry-cream cheese tart for dessert.

At the flick of switch, No Network scrambles nearby cell communication signals and implements a "blanket ban of mobile telephony in its presence." No mas calls, texts, Facebook updates, or 60-point plays on Words with Friends. The second in Oliver's series of "cyber warfare" and "cyber weapons" explorations, the tank obviously takes its shape as a literal manifestation of the human ability (and desire) to stifle our enemies with technological combat. The effect in this case? The consequence of being cut off from our smartphones? Isolation. A sense of helplessness. Societal exile. Just like how in the olden days the French banished Napoleon to Elba, and the British sent all their convicts to die on a big empty island. Except in the latter scenario, we ended up with Australia, which is like a thousand times better than England, so I guess the whole "You're neutralized" thing can work out alright sometimes.

The No Network tank was built from hundreds of parts as a 1:25 scale model of a 1966 British Chieftain. Its jammer disrupts communications in North and South America, Europe, and Asia in the following ranges of cell signals (including 3G data packet networking):

  • CDMA 870-880MHz
  • GSM 930-960MHz
  • DCS 1805-1850MHz
  • PHS 1900-1920MHz
  • 3G 2010-2145MHz

Oliver plans to create two additional tanks for his series, one of which will block communication of GPS location services, and the other WiFi networking.

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January 2017 Update: iNyx has now developed its own website. At printing, the online ordering system linked to an iNyx IndieGoGo crowdfunding page here....

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