Mr. Ghost Smartphone EMF Detector

By: on August 21, 2013
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Do I believe in ghosts? Well, I believe something drank half of those empty Bud Light Lime bottles strewn across my living room floor because I couldn't have possibly blown through three 6-packs on my own. And before you say anything, no, it wasn't. My mama prefers red wine. Plus, the needle on this EMF detector I hooked up to my iPhone is going nuts pointing at my closet. Which, if it's accurate, is kind of a dumb place for a ghost to hang out since he's invisible no matter where he chills, and my new Dr. Claw chair is way more comfortable than the S&...stuff I have in the closet.

ThinkGeek's plug-and-play EMF Detector connects to iPhones and, along with its free gyroscope-enabled app, points in the direction and reads out the frequency of electromagnetic fields emanating from spooooooky places like...well...most probably your TV, video game console, or alarm clock. The EMF attachment can also record detected signals as audio for use in creeping out younger siblings or the highly gullible.

Mr. Ghost works with iPhone versions 4 and up, iPad versions 2 and up, and iPod Touch 4/5. Since most Android devices are actually possessed and operated by deceased spirits, the EMF Detector's compatibility with them will be hit or miss.

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Rocket Air Blaster

$11.16 from Amazon »

At first I was excited about the Rocket Air Blaster because I thought it was an updated version of the Stomp Rocket. Or maybe a handheld Stomp Rocket that shot its red lipstick right into my friend Cornelius' earhole...

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Aerogel - World's Lightest Solid

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Not only is aerogel the world's lightest solid with a composition of 99.8% air (carbon dioxide) and 0.2% silica gel, and not only does it have sick nicknames, such as "frozen smoke" and "blue smoke", but it also has the...

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The Gift of Nothing

$6.39 from Amazon »

Merry Christmas to all! Especially my friend Cornelius, who is sulky this year on account of his girlfriend having dumped him at Thanksgiving! This breakup was, of course, the best Xmas gift I myself could have received...

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Spare Air Watersports Rescue Kit

$258.95 from Amazon »

Spare Air is ready to step up when your SCUBA gear gives out, or when you realize 90 seconds into a snorkeling adventure that your TRITON rebreather doesn't actually, uh, rebreathe. When you're one foot too many from...

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Saver Fire Safety Breathing System

$37.99 from Amazon »

I'm not showing you Safety iQ's Saver system to be an alarmist, but with all the chestnut roasting on an open fire going on this time of year it can't hurt to be prepared for the off chance one of them gets loose and...

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Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Replica

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It's Friday the 13th. Do you feel the eeriness? The rumblings of misfortune and chaos? Look outside. Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Anything weird that don't look good? Well forget about the phone. There's...

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Fear the Reaper Inflatable Costume

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The Ghost of Christmas Future heard you're being a Scrooge about dressing up, so he's coming early this year to spook you into the Halloween spirit. Also, he's tired of getting stuck with crappy homemade iced reindeer...

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Sploofy Personal Smoke Filter

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Despite its cartoonish name and whimsical look, Sploofy is no fun-loving household appliance. This cleaning overlord is here to suck and lock your smoke and its odors inside an inescapable dungeon of HEPA air filters....

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Hunter Fan Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan

$349 from Amazon »

Not that fan blades really get in the way of anything--except my hand when I'm trying to change my shirt and they're moving--but I still appreciate the subtleness of Hunter Fan's transparent and retractable design....

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O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

$79.95 from Amazon »

My favorite part about using canned air is when whatever chemical reaction is taking place during the process makes the air's canister ice cold. After I'm done shooting all the skin debris and micro-organism poo out of...

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Flow Smart Air Quality Tracker

$139 - $199 from Plume Labs »

French envirotech company Plume Labs debuted the Flow at CES 2017, and hopes to make the personal air quality tracker available later this year to any of you interested in knowing and reducing your exposure to air pollution....

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AirZooka Air Blaster

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Time to start getting all your tricks in a row for Halloween. The AirZooka isn't specifically for Halloween, but it is a nice, harmless way to mess with kids, girlfriends, and co-workers that won't leave a mark, or any...