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By: on May 19, 2012
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A while back, Stephen Lippens started thinking that someone should make the old Flash game Pandemic for the iPhone. And then, despite having virtually no technical background or experience, he figured that someone may as well be him. First, he spent hours upon hours at the proverbial drawing board designing and programming his new iPhone app, Infect the World. Then, he made what was perhaps the smartest move he could have: he posted news of its release on Reddit. Where it blew up in the Gaming forums, and has subsequently created a small sensation in the iPhone AppStore.

According to Lippens,

"I grew up playing with Macromedia flash MX as a kid...but never made anything highly detailed. But besides that, I would fool around with photoshop a bit. It probably shows and will admit that my graphics are not professional by any means. The one I am very proud of is the actual infection image. I used 3DS Max for that and in about a week of playing with it was able to make the 3d model you see in the game."

Infect the World opens on a new possible pandemic, an infection just beginning to wrap its deathly claws around Planet Earth. Your task: strategically mutate the infection and spawn natural disasters to save...no, wait, not save...utterly annihilate mankind. Help the disease spread 'round the globe using a cache of unique infection symptoms and cataclysmic events, including hurricanes and earthquakes. Create hot and cold fronts to generate the butterfly effect and F with regions' natural climates. Generally wreak havoc and create apocalyptic mayhem. But don't expect Mother Nature to cooperate. We hear her Madagascar faction is an especial bitch.

Note: So far, the app is available only for iPhones--no iPads or other smartphones.

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InstaSaber AR Lightsaber App

FREE from InstaSaber »

Recent grads can finally put that rolled-up diploma to good use with the InstaSaber. And everyone else: grab a sheet of copy paper or unopened pack of chopsticks, and prepare for virtual battle with all offending lamps...

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Working Pip-Boy 3000

The electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is now a viable acquisition to your non-gaming, non-digitized, biological life. Which is not only...

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THEC64 Mini

$69.99 from The C64 »

THEC64 Mini puts tech-nostalgia in the palm of your hand. Who was around when the Commodore 64 launched in 1982? Playing some Lode Runner after school with some Shark Bite fruit snacks and a Capri Sun? Ahhh, gone are...

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ASUS RT-AC86U Ultrafast Gaming Router

$199.99 from Amazon »

I'm home alone. Eating some guac and Juanita's, playing some War Thunder. And I feel the need. The need for speed. The ASUS RT-AC86U gaming router will not make me a better fighter pilot.

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Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition

$349.99 from ThinkGeek »

Die-hard Fallout fans, avid gamers, and gadget-giddy dudes in general, I present to you: a working Pip-Boy Model 3000 Mk IV replica. Also known as: your Sunday morning hard-on. Sure, you could call ThinkGeek's Deluxe...

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Immersion - Gamer Rage Headset

My 13-year-old nephew has had gamer rage for, like, 5 years now. Oh man, he used to get SO MAD when the levels got harder in Super Mario Galaxy. Sometimes, if he knew he was about to die, he'd pause the game, hurl the...

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Arcade Sofa

By: Harow »

1991 brought Street Fighter II. 2017 brings the Street Fighter II Arcade Sofa. Relive your 90s glory playing the game...and then maybe get a different type of game on...on it....

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Teslasuit - Full-Body Haptic Suit

$1,100 - $3,665 from Teslasuit »

No, the Teslasuit is not for racing your Tesla. Or, more realistically, the Teslasuit is not a 3-piece Armani with embroidered logos and a gold-threaded pocket square to wear while cruising your Model S around the suburbs....

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8Bitdo SN30 Pro Game Controller

$49.99 from Amazon »

8Bitdo brings back the sexy purples and gray of the original SNES with their SN30 Pro Game Controller. Packed with wireless Bluetooth, Rumble vibration, motion controls, and USB-C, the new retro controller brings back...

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Anki DRIVE - Real World Video Game

$149.99 from Anki »

Artificial intelligence and robotics, the virtual reality video game and the actual reality physical game, Anki and iOS: these are the parts of Anki DRIVE that make it a whole new experience in the gaming industry. A...

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Atari Flashback Portable

$60.09 from Amazon »

The Atari Flashback portable console is indeed here to console. The handheld 2600 will give a there, there pat on the back to everyone who didn't get an NES Classic before Nintendo announced they're discontinuing them...

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Portal GLaDOS Ring


Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating Systems now come in finger-sized. GLaDOS rings make it easy for all to show off their loyalty to the eye of Portal's most beloved piece of sociopathic artificial intelligence. Created...