Fuffr Phone Case - Make Any Surface a Trackpad

By: on June 13, 2014

Control your phone using the dining room table. The kitchen counter. Your girlfriend's stomach (sometimes dropping $1,200 on private Pilates lessons does pay off, 'ey?) Fuffr, a forthcoming case for iPhones, busts through the confines of tiny smartphone screens and enables users to turn virtually any surface into a trackpad. Scroll, select, highlight, do anything you would normally do with Cheetos-crusted fingertips inside the phone's confines over the much larger areas available outside of it. Check out an action shot here.

Fuffr cases will support multi-touch gestures as well as allow several surfaces to work together in performing more advanced levels of touchscreen manipulation. The idea is not only to improve user experience and give fingers--particularly fat, elderly, and clunky ones--an alternative to constricting touchscreens, but also to open the door to a wider breadth of mobile games and interactive apps with the Fuffr UI.

Still in the growth stages, Fuffr is seeking "curious developers" who want to explore Fuffr and its capabilities before the case goes into production. Those interested can follow the link to the Fuffr Website below, and fill out a developer's invitation request. Fuffr is also looking to expand its staff, and is hiring for tech, product development and product management, and growth management positions.

Muchas danke to The Coolector.

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