Fixed - App to Fight Parking Tickets

By: on February 23, 2014

Those of you who follow the detailed accounts I provide of my illustrious life now know that I have racked up many hundreds of dollars in unpaid parking tickets. So many hundreds that you could technically upgrade the term to "thousand". And while I hadn't exactly planned on paying any of them, as anyone whose outstanding parking infractions have earned them an arrest warrant understands, even minor illegal acts such as urinating in public or blowing a snot rocket at some lady's beagle can suddenly land you in jail overnight. Suffice it to say, my introduction to Fixed could not have come at a better time. Fixed is an app whose sole purpose is to fight parking tickets.

Fixed masterminds (and if this app works, they truly are masters of the mind, the law, the system, entrepreneurial America...) point out that up to 50% of parking tickets are dismissed when challenged. The problem: no one wants to spend 4 to 42 hours of their life going through the bogus bureaucratic steps most municipalities require to challenge them. The solution: Fixed experts. People who know the rules of parking down to the third Wednesday of every month between the hours of 3:00 and 3:15 p.m., and people who can afford to put forth the 4 to 42 hours of effort proving it that you cannot.

Of course the reason Fixed's trojans can afford to fight this war on parking enforcement officials is that we, the spitefully ticketed, are paying them. But only if they are successful in wiping it. And even then only 25% of the ticket's fine. Sounds like a grand arrangement to me.

To bask in the glory of Fixed's services all you need do is sign up on their Website, download the app, and start inciting meter maids. Once awarded a snugly nestled envelope beneath your wiper blade, upload a photo of the ticket to the Fixed app and hit send. A caseworker will evaluate your protest and zap you back a report on your chances of beating the ticket, plus a statement of the money you'll save in doing so.

I figure even if Fixed loses 75% of their battles, the added work and irritation they're going to cause parking enforcement personnel will be well worth even fruitless endeavors. However, I also have a feeling that when this happens, local governments will figure out a way to disallow the Fixed service. So if you want to try it out, I'd recommend shaking a leg on encroaching load zones, leaving your car 29-1/2 feet from stop signs, and covering No Parking signs with overgrown tree branches while you've got the chance.

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You Suck At Parking Business Cards

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Personally, I think people should be thrown in jail for bad parking. Bad parkers fall into 2 groups... The first, just aren't mentally capable of parking well. And the second just don't give a shit. If jail isn't an option...