Bluewire Bluetooth Call Recorder

By: on January 31, 2015
$149 - $179
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He Said She Said is about to get real. Oh sure, Bluewire claims its Bluetooth headset, a device capable of recording up to 1,000 hours of both sides of smartphone or VOIP conversations, is an invaluable substitute for not having a pen and paper handy to write down important details, or talking while distracted and then forgetting what you were just told. But you and I both know anyone who gets in on this crowdfunding campaign is going to use their Bluewire to 1) throw offhanded comments back in the speaker's face two weeks (months, years...) later and 2) bait, sucker, or otherwise catch another person saying something that will get him yelled at, fired, or divorced.

I want a Bluewire, how about you?

The smartphone/VOIP recorder connects simply via Bluetooth, and can function either with its own Bluewire headset, pretty much any other Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, or your car's hands-free system. During convos, the system records and stores all exchanges, which are then accessible through the Bluewire App. When you end a call, all you need do is tap the Bluewire to your phone and it will transfer and save to your mobile, plus forward to your email inbox.

Pretty cool.

Pretty scary.

Bluewire seeks Indiegogo crowdfunding through February 26, 2015. Pledge for yours here.

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Earin - World's Smallest Headphones

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I wasn't aware there was a competition to create the World's Smallest Headphones, but apparently Earin has been proclaimed--or proclaimed itself--the winner. The Swedish company says their wireless earbuds are the absolute...

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Pilot Real-Time In-Ear Translator

$299 from Waverly Labs »

Even though Pilot's crowdfunding campaign hasn't even launched yet (expect it on IndieGoGo very soon) this translator has already got the internet abuzz. In English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German.... Not only does...

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Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Stickers

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The size of a quarter, the value of your sanity. Stick-N-Find disks attach to any item--keys, luggage, pets--with which you tend to play frustrating games of hide-and-seek on a regular basis. Used in conjunction with...

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Tap Strap Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

I-'-D T-A-P T-H-A-T. I'd tap it on the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the passenger seat, the back of my bike....

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TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

$99.99 from Amazon »

Running with earbuds sucks mostly because it means I'm running, and running is hard and unpleasant. But it also sucks because as I sweat my earbuds either start slipping out of my ears, or they stay in place and trap...

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ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

$149.99 from Amazon »

This isn't the droid you're looking for. But it is a speaker that sort of looks like the droid you might be looking for. Set the ICE Orb on its magnetic platform and connect it to the right device and it will even light...

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Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones

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If I yank my headphones out of my ears one more time while doing burpees...or gesturing wildly at a car that doesn't heed the pedestrian right of way at a crosswalk...I'm going to Rumpelstiltskin them to smithereens!...

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Helix Wrist Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones

$99 - $199 from Ashley Chole »

If you're tired of wearables telling you how out of shape, under-hydrated, and sleep-deprived you are, one good thing about Helix is that it doesn't even know how to be that judgmental. Though this wrist cuff technically...

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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

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Do your kids know what Bose-quality sound is? You could enlighten them with a luxe Bose speaker system or some Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Or you could encourage them to enlighten themselves with

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Soundhawk Smart Hearing Amplifier

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It might look like just another Bluetooth earpiece, but the Soundhawk is definitely not just another Bluetooth earpiece. In fact, though it can serve as one, the Soundhawk isn't really a Bluetooth earpiece at all. But...

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OwnPhones 3D Custom Printed Earbuds

$249 - $349 from OwnPhones »

Know what's as unique as a snowflake? Your ear canals. Everyone's and every one is sized and shaped just enough differently that no standard set of earbuds ever fits quite right. They either fall out when you work out...

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Bass Egg Vibration Speaker

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I received a Bass Egg vibration speaker of my own yesterday, and although it looks more like an egg that has been cut in half with both pieces inverted and then fused back together than an egg freshly ejected by a hen...