Batmobile iPhone 6 Case

By: on February 05, 2015

A few bucks shy of being able to afford the jet turbine powered Batmobile? How about buckling your phone up in one instead? Specifically, this most excellent and radical and schwing!-worthy replica Batmobile case for the iPhone 6. Note: Late 80s/early 90s jargon is appropriate because Bandai Toy Company's "Crazy Case Batmobile" design is based on Tim Burton's stylization of the Dark Knight's car during his 1989-1992 stint spearheading the franchise.

The Batmobile case for iPhone 6 has not yet been released, and once it hits the virtual shelves, it appears purchasing will initially be limited to Asian markets. Oh, chin up, Robin, it'll get here eventually. You finally made it into the movies, didn't you?

Crazy Case Batmobile includes an LED lighting system and--booyah!--a projector that casts the Bat-Signal. On the case's touchscreen side are Batman's utility belt to hold it in place, and a camera lens access via pop-out front wheels.

Want a Crazy Case for your iPhone 5/5S? Get the Batmobile Tumbler version here.

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Street-Legal Tumbler Batmobile


For a million bucks you'd think they could've gotten a couple shots of this replica Batman Tumbler somewhere nicer than a slab of cracked pavement with weeds growing up through it. And what are those in the background...

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Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile


If you thought the TRON Lightcycle was awesome (and expensive) prepare your senses for overload as they take in this Batmobile replica. It's street registered in the US, so if you dream of trying your hand at Batman-style...

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The Batmobile Jr.

$65k from Epic Vehicles »

Motor trike. Until about 3 seconds ago that term seemingly would have referred to something incredibly lame, wouldn't it? Especially when used in tandem with descriptors such as "electric vehicle" and "eco-friendly"....

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The Dark Knight Batpod

$80k - $106k from Prop Store »

This Batpod is real--one of six special effects dude Chris Corbould made for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises movies--and it's up for auction beginning September 27, 2016. You might want to think twice about...

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Donkervoort D8 GTO - Bare Naked Carbon Edition

Here's a sweet ride for you...or Batman. AutoBlog pretty accurately sums up Dutch car maker Donkervoort's Bare Naked Carbon Edition of their fit-for-a-Dark-Knight D8 GTO in a single word: bonkers. Legal on the road and...

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Batmobile Robotic Lawn Mower

$5,555 from Amazon »

Fine, HUSQVARNA didn't design their Automower to look vaguely like the Batmobile. That's just a happy coincidence. And further reason to shell out a couple grand to purchase a robotic lawn mower to tend unattended to...

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The Gotham Golfcart

$28,500 from Hammacher Schlemmer »

The Gotham Golfcart might be the worst awesome emergence of Batman into real life I've ever seen. A blacked out, mostly enclosed Dark Knight Tumbler wannabe cruising at a snail's pace along the completely open, completely...

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The Authentic 1966 Batmobile

What stands between you and the driver's seat of a precise, officially-licensed roadworthy replica of the 1966 Batmobile? One year and a few zeros, my friend. The most iconic of all the Dark Knight's transportation iterations...

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1:6 Scale Dark Knight Batmobile

Sold Out from Amazon »

An exact 1:6 replica of the Batmobile featured in The Dark Knight, created by Hong Kong's Hot Toys. The 29" long x 18 1/2" wide x 11" tall plastic model has functional headlights, a rooftop panel that opens and closes...

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Batmobile Slippers

$15.60 from Hot Topic »

Now that I've watched the first couple episodes of Gotham, I can say with certainty that these Batmobile slippers would be perfect for little Brucey Wayne. Maybe they'll give him more solace in the aftermath of his parents'...