A Drink & a Smoke Impact-Proof iPhone Case

Posted: November 03, 2015
A Drink & a Smoke Impact-Proof iPhone Case
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Clearly the impact-resistance feature of ZVE's iPhone case is going to come in muy handy after its built-in bottle opener and USB lighter get you drunk and stoned off your Apple iOS. The cover, available in sizes for all iterations of iPhone 6, has a sturdy polycarbonate plastic build and firm fit, with TPU raised bezel corner bumpers to protect against vibrations, shocks, and drops. On the back side ZVE has embedded its bottle popper on the top half of the case, and the rechargeable, flameless lighter on the bottom half. The lighter should be able to ignite up to 250 cigarettes...or cigarette-like smoking objects...per charge. Just to the right of the lighter the case also has a camera tripod mount, which can screw onto bike hardware to double as a handlebar mount as well.

ZVE promotes its multifunctional iPhone case as slim and stylish with a "trendy texture." Said trendy textured areas of the covers come in your choice of black, red, green, or blue. All have black rims.

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